Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowy Sunday Rudy

Well this post is a week late but it took me awhile to get to the photos.  Last Sunday it snowed all day and we decided to take the new puppy Rudy for a walk in the woods.  He had a blast and we did too!  Here's a pic of Rudy in the snow.  Amazing how much he has grown in only a couple of weeks.  He's about nine weeks old here.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Meet our newest model, Rudy.  He is our 7 week old Yellow Labrador puppy.  We lost our last lab, Nelson, after 16 wonderful years back in May.  Looking back I wish I had been into photography more when he was younger.  We have lots of great photos of Nelson but most are with inferior cameras that won't hold up to the digital standards of today.  You can see a great one of Nelson on our main site.

Back to Rudy, our youngest model.  Below is the first of what will be probably thousands of photos of him.  Hopefully we'll make him famous:)