Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spaceship Earth

Lots of cool things to photograph at Disney World.  This one as we were leaving the park was my favorite from yesterday.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Crazy Horns Part 1

I spent the better part of last Sunday walking about 120 acres starting to look for deer sheds.  Now you might be wondering... what is a deer shed.  No it is not a place they store their tools or some place they build to sleep at night (actually had someone ask me that once).  It is the antlers of the deer that fall off, or shed, each year before they grow their new ones.  I had recently shared the photos of two nice bucks I had seen a few times and was hoping to find one of their sheds in particular.

One of the bucks we have nicknamed crazy horns.  You can see his photo again below.

Crazy horns has his right side antler with all the horns or points broken off and the left side is a huge spike.  In person it looks crazy to say the least.  Well after searching all day Sunday we finally found our first shed of the season.  We found the right side of Crazy Horns.  You can see below the picture taken with my iPhone of where it was when we found it.

We'll be out this weekend looking for more sheds.  The odds are slim we find the other side of Crazy Horns but we'll try our best.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Boys

Here are two bucks that have been hanging out together this winter. I've seen flashes of them several times but they came in just before dark last night. I had to shoot 12800 ISO so a little grainy even after downsizing but I still thought they make nice shots. One is obviously a pretty large and dominant buck and the other has the longest spike on one side I've ever seen. Would love to find these sheds after they drop in the next few weeks.