Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 32. Belted Kingfisher.

Well I've now passed a month in my Project 365. Only eleven more to go! Today I struggled with a photo. It was incredibly windy here today which took out macro outdoor shots and I wasn't sure what else to shoot. I then discovered a little red squirrel running along the bank all day collecting green pine cones that where falling from the trees. While I pursued the perfect shot of this little guy all day I kept the camera handy by the patio door. Despite lots of shots I didn't get one I was happy with.

Then I looked up and saw this Belted Kingfisher sitting on our boat canopy frame. I have been seeing this bird all week fly by with fish in his mouth and making lots of noise at anything approaching but he was always too far way. I quickly grabbed the camera and slowly opened the door and began shooting. Despite the distance I still got some nice pics that I had to crop down. Below is my favorite. Maybe I'll get lucky and get some more chances to photograph this beautiful bird this week.

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