Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boss Man Bing...

For those of you not in the the northern United States, it is cold.  Very cold.  We are having another round of the infamous "Polar Vortex" or as people with memories beyond this years catch phrase know, an Alberta Clipper.  Our highs here in Wisconsin have been below zero and we have had wind chills below -50 degrees.  Why am I telling you this?  It's sets the story for what I saw.

For those of you that deer hunt or follow the whitetail deer, you probably know that the big dominant bucks are nocturnal creatures.  Outside of their mating season, or rut, in November each year the dominant buck generally only travels at night unless he is disturbed.  I am an avid hunter and photographer and have many trail cameras on my property to track the animals.  Over the course of this past fall I followed many whitetails but there were two huge ones.  One I call Old Bloody Horns as I only saw him once on the cameras and his horns were full of blood from a fight.  The other I saw many times on the camera but never in person.  He's a big old majestic ten pointer that would look great above the fireplace.  Now he needs a name too and I couldn't think of anything as great as Old Bloody Horns, but he is the local boss of this woods.  So when I think of boss I think of the old Friends TV show and the episode where Chandler Bing became the boss... or Mr. Boss Man Bing as they called him.  I found this an appropriate name and something I'd remember.

Well, Mr. Boss Man Bing came out today in the bitter cold.  He chased off about ten other deer, mostly does to get a look for some food today... during the broad daylight.  My son first saw him and called me.  I quickly grabbed my camera and positioned for lots of shots.  The one below is one of my favorites.  I watched Boss Man Bing work through our woods and shake his head like he is getting ready to shed his antlers.  I hope I am lucky enough to find one or both of those.

I hope you enjoy the picture below of Mr. Bing.  Enjoy and stay warm.

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