Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Behind the Pace

As this blog is still new, the topics are still just working their way out.  Sometimes the posts will be lots of new pictures of exciting new faces or places.  Other times it will be about what I'm into at that time in my hobby.  Sometimes it will be more stock or microstock photography related.

That's what time it is right now.  Microstock.  One of my goals this year is to add 50 new pictures to my portfolio each and every month.  Consistency is key here.  Well as I sit here on the 20th, I am half way.  I have added 25 new pics so far this month.  I need to step up the pace to hit that goal this month.  The problem is this isn't easy.  It's cold and white outside.  Not a lot of exciting topics to go shoot.  As a result they have to be indoor mini studio based.  Not as exciting and a lot more difficult to come up with new ideas. 

The good news is I still have 11 days this month to hit the goal.  Now back to work...

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